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Release ''chares''

April 2, 2019

The release identifier chares is derived from the Greek word Χαρης (Chares) and χαρις (Charis) and means “grace, kindness”.

This is the third official release of the CASM project. It introduces four three improvements. First, we improved our AST language implementation to provide a lossless syntax tree representation. Build on this implementation feature we are able to construct a source formatting beautifier application called casmf. This application function in the near future as the official CASM formatting application. Second, another contribution provides 100% coverage of all LSP messages and structures (see libstdhl) so that our casmd can implement one language feature after the next one. Last but not least, we continued with our own libtptp implementation to prepare already the next steps for the CASM symbolic execution.

ApplicationIntroducing the CASM source format and beautifier command line application called casmf based on the new lossless syntax representation
EnvironmentLSP implementation covers 100% of the specification in libstdhl.
EnvironmentImprovements in the libstdhl implementation state.

Release ''berenice''

December 7, 2018

The release identifier berenice is derived from the Greek word Βερενικη (Berenike, or Berenice) and means “bringing victory”.

This is the second official release of the CASM project. It introduces four big improvements. First, we added a new language construct to specify invariant conditions through globally defined invariant definitions inside a CASM specification. Just try it with the shipped casmi. Second, our huge effort over the summer has finally paid off. Now we are able to compile the CASM project more or less platform independent with various C++ compilers. Therefore, we support and ship pre-compiled x86_64 binaries for Linux, Mac, and Windows. Third, besides the interpreter we ship a new daemon application called casmd, which is our own server-sided Language Server Protocol (LSP) implementation to interact with LSP (editor) clients. Last but not least, we publish our own LSP client plug-in extension for the monaco editor framework. With this plug-in a fully functional CASM editor environment allows you to specify, debug, and run (execute) the provided CASM specification.

LanguageWe introduced a new language syntax definition element to specify global invariant conditions in CASM specifications.
EnvironmentPlatform independent compilation supported to build x86_64 compatible 64-bit binaries for Linux, Mac, and Windows.
ApplicationIntroducing the CASM language server/service daemon command line application called casmd to interact with LSP clients.
Plug-inIntegrated a LSP client as monaco editor extension provided as a CASM language environment service.

Release ''auxentios''

June 4, 2018

The release identifier auxentios is derived from the Greek word αυξανω (auxano) and means “to increase, to grow”.

This is the first official release of the CASM project. It contains a release build of the CASM interpreter application called casmi. For now, we only support Linux and ship a statically build x86_64 compatible 64-bit binary with zero dependencies. The binary sources are packed and deployed to various environments including ArchLinux AUR and Docker.

LanguageContains the first version of the offical CASM language syntax, which contains the core elements of an ASM language implementation.
EnvironmentThis release supports building x86_64 compatible 64-bit binaries for Linux-based operating systems.
ApplicationIntroducing the CASM interpreter command line application called casmi to numerically execute (simulate) CASM specification.

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