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 +=== ATPS'​13 Workshop Paper ===
 +R. Lezuo, G. Barany, and A. Krall. **CASM: Implementing an Abstract State Machine based Programming Language**. In //Software Engineering 2013 - Workshopband//,​ 6. Arbeitstagung Programmiersprachen,​ ATPS 2013, 26th February - 1st March 2013, Aachen, Germany, GI Edition - Lecture Notes in Informatics,​ Vol. 215, pages 75-90.
 +[[https://​casm-lang.org/​publication/​lezuo2013atps#​bibtex|{{icon>​quote-right|BibTex Reference}}]]
 +[[https://​publik.tuwien.ac.at/​files/​PubDat_220246.pdf|{{icon>​file-pdf-o?​lg|Workshop Version}}]]
 +[[https://​dl.gi.de/​bitstream/​handle/​20.500.12116/​17416/​75.pdf?​sequence=1&​isAllowed=y|{{icon>​book?​lg|Printed Version}}]]
 +[[https://​dl.gi.de/​handle/​20.500.12116/​17416|{{icon>​database?​lg|Database Resource}}]]
 +== ==
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 +== Abstract ==
 +In this paper we present CASM, a general purpose programming language based on abstract state machines (ASMs). ​
 +We describe the implementation of an interpreter and a compiler for the language. ​
 +The demand for efficient execution forced us to modify the definition of ASM and we discuss the impact of those changes. ​
 +A novel feature for ASM based languages is symbolic execution, which we briefly describe.
 +CASM is used for instruction set simulator generation and for semantic description in a compiler verification project. ​
 +We report on the experience of using the language in those two projects. ​
 +Finally we position ASM based programming languages as an elegant combination of imperative and functional programming paradigms
 +which may liberate us from the von Neumann style as demanded by John Backus.
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 +== Document ==
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 +== BibTex ==
 +<code bibtex>
 +@Comment{ refnotes, namespace = "​cite"​ }
 +  title     = {{CASM}: {I}mplementing an {A}bstract {S}tate {M}achine based {P}rogramming {L}anguage},​
 +  author ​   = {Lezuo, Roland and Barany, Gerg{\"​o} and Krall, Andreas},
 +  booktitle = {Software Engineering Conference (Workshops),​ Arbeitstagung Programmiersprachen,​ ATPS 2013},
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