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 +=== ABZ'18 Conference Paper ===
 +P. Paulweber, E. Pescosta, and U. Zdun. **CASM-IR: Uniform ASM-Based Intermediate Representation for Model Specification,​ Execution, and Transformation**. In //6th International Conference on Abstract State Machines, Alloy, B, TLA, VDM, and Z//, ABZ 2018, 5-8 June 2018, Southampton,​ UK, 2018, Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 10817, pages 39-54.
 +[[https://​casm-lang.org/​publication/​paulweber2018abz#​bibtex|{{icon>​quote-right|BibTex Reference}}]]
 +[[https://​eprints.cs.univie.ac.at/​5502/​1/​paulweber2018abz.pdf|{{icon>​file-pdf-o?​lg|Conference Version}}]]
 +[[https://​doi.org/​10.1007/​978-3-319-91271-4_4|{{icon>​book?​lg|Printed Version}}]]
 +[[https://​swa.cs.univie.ac.at/​research/​publications/​publication/​5502/​|{{icon>​database?​lg|Database Resource}}]]
 +== ==
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 +== Abstract ==
 +The Abstract State Machine (ASM) theory is a well-known ​
 +formal method, which can be used to specify arbitrary algorithms, ​
 +applications or even whole systems. Over the past years, there have been
 +many approaches to implement concrete ASM-based modeling and specification ​
 +languages. All of those approaches define their type systems
 +and operator semantics differently in their internal representation,​ which
 +leads to undesired or unexpected behavior during the modeling, the execution, ​
 +and code generation of such ASM specifications. In this paper,
 +we present CASM-IR, an Intermediate Representation (IR), designed to
 +aid ASM-based language engineering which is based on a well-formed
 +ASM-based specification format. Moreover, CASM-IR is conceptualized
 +from the ground up to ease the formalization of ASM-based analysis and
 +transformation passes. The feasibility of CASM-IR solving the uniform
 +ASM representation problem is depicted. Based on our CASM-IR ​
 +implementation,​ we were able to integrate a front-end of our statically inferred
 +Corinthian Abstract State Machine (CASM) modeling language.
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 +== Document ==
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 +== BibTex ==
 +<code bibtex>
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